I Love Kim Bong Do & Choe Hee Jin!! Korean Drama Daebakkkkk!!!

04 Nov

 This is the Love story happens  between a man who travels 300 years back from Joseon Dynasty to 2012. Just in a coincidence, he manages to travel & meet the simple-minded girl in a modern city of seoul. This is where the love story begin~

Honestly, when I first watching few episodes of this drama, I was like: “’s just normal korean love story & nothing special about it.” So, I stopped for 2 weeks i guess, but then I started to watch it this week & I found it, the drama went to climate when it was on episode 10 & onward.I started to follow & I couldn’t stop myself from watching it & when it came to episode 13, sad scenes came, & I was like rain-poured. I started to cry non-stopped when I saw Kim Bong Do & Choe Hee Jin, the love couple couldn’t be together. When it came to a scene whereby Hee Jin knew that Bong Do was shot by arrows to dead, she cried like hell…this scene made me felt like my heart is teared apart, I felt sorry for her & at the same time felt the pain that she was suffering. (I’ve to say, daebakkk for Hee Jin!!! she acted sooo well!!! 99marks for her, 1 mark for continual improvement 😀 ) There was also a scene where Hee JIn started to remember all the happy moments she with Bong Do after 1 year of separating (It was after Bong Do burnt the talisman which is a travel channel for him) but she cried in the rain & Bong Do in another side of Joseon Dynasty was about to commit suicide by hanging himself with the necktie that given by Hee Jin.

Thing didn’t tun out the way they were, suddenly, Hee Jin called Bong Do & Bong Do’s phone rang & this made Bong Do who was about to die struggled to release himself from the hanging, miracle happened when he answered the phone call, he disappeared from the prison & traveled to 2012.

The romantic moment which made me felt in love with Kim Bong Do was when he said this to Choe Hee Jin:” I CAME BACK BECAUSE YOU CALLED ME.” OMG!!!  I will be going crazy if someone who is from 300 years back tell me this!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Til now, I still feeling like I’m still living in this drama & I hope that this drama will never end!!!! I just love this Joseon & seoul couple!!!! They are lovely sweet!!! This is the 1st drama i watched in 2012 that make me feel like it’s A REAL KOREAN DRAMA, & i like the way they act & I love the kind of the storyline!!!


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One response to “I Love Kim Bong Do & Choe Hee Jin!! Korean Drama Daebakkkkk!!!

  1. Kristianne Claire

    May 22, 2013 at 10:25

    i love this korean drama … i love u all… 🙂


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